Tommy Hyland - A Natural Blackjack Player

Being born in 1956 in New Jersey, Tommy Hyland was growing 50 miles away from Atlantic City and in the age of 10 years he already gambled with great pleasure, tossing a coin against the wall along with the other boys. The coin which would fall closest to the wall won, and Young Tom Hyland found himself among the winners often.

When Thomas grew older, he went to the college in Wittenberg, Ohio. As he admitted later, in the college he was quite an indifferent student and was more fond of poker, baseball, golf and shooting pool than of his studies.

Blackjack Encounter

In the year of 1978, Tom and his roommate got acquainted with the book of Lawrence Revere with an interesting name "Playing Blackjack as a Business". The roommate, who actually was more interested in blackjack than Tommy himself, read and practiced the book thoroughly and closely, and after his visit to Atlantic City he returned with a solid winning numbering a few thousands of dollars.

Being a smart and practical student, Tommy Hyland made right conclusions out of his roommate's experience and decided to study the subject of card counting more closely. After spending lot of time in front of the book and training gambling strategy, in 1979 year Thomas was ready to conquer the casinos.

The all-in-one Master

Thomas made a decision not to play alone, but find reliable partners. The first team of Thomas Hyland was a two-man team, which was formed with his golf partner Leo. They had a bankroll of 1000$, and playing in different casinos they managed to quadruple this sum by playing accurately and efficiently. A little bit later, another couple of card counters joined their team, and by the end of the year their bankroll grew to the impressing sum of more than 100.000 $.

From that time Tommy Hyland was quite unstoppable. He taught some of his most talented and smart friends, and soon he had a team consisting of about 10-15 players who had a stable income because of emptying the casinos regularly. He also read Ken Uston's books about blackjack and according to his advice he corrected, polished and improved different ways of card counting and team-play.

Tommy was an administrator, a trainer, a recruiter and a team manager at once. People are still astonished at his inexhaustible energy, sharp wit, his card counting and administrative genius skills.

Tommy Hyland, Law, Casinos

Still in the late years Thomas Hyland testified to the part of card counters which were accused of cheating, and struggled in state courts against casinos trying to persuade that card counting along with team-play were absolutely cheating maneuvers. This way or that, Thomas Hyland is now one of 7 original members of Blackjack Hall of Fame, and this is the highest award a professional blackjack player may ever apply to.

Original members of Blackjack Hall of fame

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