Paul Jackson - A Sample of A Smart Player

Sometimes it happens when people, who neither contributed much in its development, nor won huge money or made casinos tear their hair off, become a part of blackjack history. Those brilliant players started with casino blackjack and then went away in other kinds of cards games are also worth being mentioned on these pages.

Besides, such names as Paul Jackson should be known in any way, and no matter that the major victories of this genuine player were made in the field of Poker - he is considered to be one of the most successful blackjack players either.

The career

Born in 1965 in Birmingham, Paul Jackson started his gambling career with the game of brag, which is a simplified variant of poker. After mastering brag, Paul continued his studies with the game of Blackjack and roulette.

He played both games quite a lot, as he admits himself. But in 1985 when he saw the game of poker, he was entirely charmed with it and after that moment the main game which took a considerable part of his time and life was poker.

The multiple champion

The fame came to Paul Jackson after he has won 2 online poker tournaments during 1 night.

Paul has won a huge amount of money by just buying the actions of famous World Poker Championships participants. For example, before 2005 London Open Event, he already planned a holiday on the same day and instead of cancelling it he called to a friend of his, Iwan Jones, and bought one third of his actions at the event. As a result Iwan took the first place along with 750.000 $ and Paul Jackson earned 250.000 $ while having weekend fun.

By the way, his nickname "Action Jack" he had chosen once he watched the film "Action Jackson" by Carl Weathers.

The earnings

Paul Jackson is a living example of a man who turned playing cards into a way of earning money. During 2005-2008 he won in a number of poker championships, and each of them brought him a considerable cash fund.

Besides, he took part in "The Poker Godfather" series and is still making trips along Great Britain and teaching playing poker and blackjack those who want to succeed in these kind of gambling, and maybe even make it their chief income.

However, apart from skilled male players, blackjack history knows pretty and professional women such as Cathy Hubert or Vanessa Rousso that are famous worldwide for their success in casino gambling.

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