J.P. Massar - Father of Blackjack MIT Team

In any tale or story there are always people without who the story itself would not be possible at all. And the MIT story and the name of J.P.Massar are not excluded from this rule. Because without the name of Massar the MIT story and its creation would be impossible.

In the beginning

J.P.Massar is one of the several original team members who started the history of the team. The matter is that he was the inspirer of the first team game and it was he who stayed after the fail and proceeded to train and find out what was wrong in the used strategy. Along with only one man who was also not indifferent to blackjack he continued to master the secrets of blackjack.

The crucial meeting

After a year of trainings, once sitting in a café, Massar heard the words of a stranger at the nearby table who was speaking about counting cards. Without waiting a minute Massar introduced himself to the stranger, who appeared to be Bill Kaplan - a professional gambler. In a short period of time they became familiar and Massar proposed Kaplan to have a look at MIT members playing at the casino. After the explanation that team's winnings were unstable and not convincing, Kaplan agreed to go with them to Atlantic City. After observing the MIT real game Kaplan found out the main obstacle that prevent players to earn money: absolute divergence of counting systems and disagreement among the members.

MIT and success

As it appeared, Massar had too low experience in managing the team. He and Kaplan decided to form a new team with a strict set of rules, trainings and recruiting system, in other words – they’ve decided to play seriously and for money instead of playing from time to time and for fun.

The reorganization of process by Massar and Kaplan changed things dramatically. Through the 1980s the team earned cash constantly and was reorganized and widened with Massar's help up to 40 players.

1990s and Massar

After most all original members of MIT team left, Massar along with Kaplan and Johnny Changcreated a bit differing from the original team called Strategic Investments. It had wider horizons than the MIT team had and it acted in a lot of states along USA involving dozens of players. In a couple of years Strategic Investments broke off, but it brought to investors and players considerable profit.

Massar's life after MIT

In a period of time J.P.Massar left the team forever and now he's fond of poker - you can often watch him bend over his cards on TV.

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