Max Rubin - An Official Blackjack Expert

Probably anyone, who ever encountered the free blackjack games for fun, heard the name of Max Rubin. This multifaceted man is a real Blackjack Spirit - nearly all high-caliber events, either they are shown on TV or not, are taken part by Max himself or accompanied by his comments, because, together with huge amount of activities, Max is also a blackjack tournaments commentator, and it should be mentioned, that you can hardly find such a professional like he is.

The start

Max's career didn't begin with professional blackjack like others’ Blackjack Hall of Fame members careers did(by the way, Max is a member of Blackjack Hall of Fame himself, which makes a lot of questions fall away). But this does not in any way mean that he is not aware of different ways of card counting, basic strategies used in blackjack and all other methods used by smart players to take advantage over the casinos.

On the contrary: Max is an expert in ALL abovementioned fields, and moreover - his skill level leaves far away behind even well-known professional blackjack players, who happen to fight against Max sometimes on unofficial meetings and events.

Max Rubin's career

The matter is that Max just didn't go the beaten track of all other card counters which won their money from casinos on their own or in teams; besides it became not so easy lately, because of development of computers and face-recognition systems which, if once have spotted a card counter, remember him deadly and see his face not depending on the quantity of make-up and grease paint applied on their face.

Rubin went the other way: he began interviewing the most well-known blackjack stars of present time - interviewing with great success, because blackjack players from all over the world wanted to listen to opinions of the Masters - those, whose books they read and by whose strategies they now are able to play.

Top of Fame

Now Max Rubin is probably the most popular and well-known expert in the field of Blackjack. He leads top-shows with brilliant blackjack stars, he either leads or makes comments of top-rated blackjack tournaments with the strongest players, and all in all - he is the Host of the legendary top-secret Blackjack Ball - an annual event for best blackjack players in the world. During Blackjack Ball Blackjack Cup is held, and the winner gets a title of "World's Greatest Blackjack Player".

Max the Expert

Also Max Rubin is known to help a few casinos to train their staff and to figure out card counters, he has written a popular "Undisputed Overweight Comp Champion of the World" book, and a few hundreds of useful magazine articles concerning blackjack, card counting and gambling in general.

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