Hall of Fame Original Members - The Legend

As it was already mentioned in the previous section, the original members of Blackjack Hall of Fame counted 7 people. They were elected mainly by high professional players at the Blackjack Ball, an evening for the chosen people considered to be best players in the world. In this section we are going to tell you shortly about those folks and to discover briefly their contributions into blackjack world.

  • Arnold Snyder

    An author of a big quantity of books about blackjack, Arnold Snyder is also a very good and respected player himself. He wrote a few books which are identified to be bestsellers in the genre. Accuracy and reliability of his books is well-known worldwide. Also he is known to lead and edit Blackjack Forum, which is most attended resource about blackjack now. Read more about Arnold Snyder

  • Edward O. Thorp

    Edward thorp is famous for his fundamental analysis and systematization of card counting method, and after publishing hi legendary "Beat the dealer" book he became quite popular and respected man in the gambling world. Being a gambler himself, he was a former scientist and one of those few men who understood blackjack game nature and its laws. Read more about Edward O. Thorp

  • Ken Uston

    Ken Uston was probably the best player during 1970-80 years. He is considered to be a master of team play, a genius who discovered and polished perfect ways to win blackjack in a team using card counting strategies. He's also respected for legal victories which were necessary for all blackjack players because they obliged the casino not to bar card counters if such ones visited it. Read more about Ken Uston

  • Al Francesco

    Al Francesco is considered to be one of the smartest blackjack legends thanks to his genius which invented the Big Player in team play in casinos while card counters were still barred. His talent of conspiracy is still remembered and was appreciated for its reliability and the winning mechanism which was still based on card counting but didn't permit to recognize itself. Read more about Al Francesco

  • Tommy Hyland

    Tommy Hyland - one of the most successful blackjack players known throughout history. His team won millions of dollars per year from casinos, and he remained the best known teacher, trainer, manager, player and all-in-one persona in the team he was leading. He practiced and developed many techniques which enabled his team members to win huge money playing blackjack. Read more about Tommy Hyland

  • Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin, a mathematics professor who, once being beaten in casino playing blackjack, made a swear to take revenge and took it in full volume by researching and publishing a book which was a prolonging and perfection of Edward O. Thorp's book "Beat the dealer". The work turned out to be a treasure for blackjack players and was extremely popular. Read more about Peter Griffin

  • Stanford Wong

    Stanford Wong is a famous author and blackjack specialist, who developed and perfected Edward Thorp's theory of counting cards. The problem was that Thorp's way was working perfectly with one deck of cards, but after casinos had entered 4 decks in blackjack game Wong continued the research and made out a strategy working stably with new rules. Read more about Stanford Wong

Original members of Blackjack Hall of fame

Know the 7 names of blackjack card game legends which form a 21 Hall of Fame. Being an online blackjack gamer - make use of blackjack artists life experience and play well. Best players of the world open their minds and share their bio facts.

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