Cathy Hubert - A Woman Who Mastered Blackjack

From the very youth Cathy "Cat" Hubert was eager to play cards. Studying at college, Cathy has already played blackjack and poker very good, and in fact she finished her studies only due to her brilliant abilities in card games. During whole period of studies Cathy perfected her techniques in blackjack and poker, when she had time for it.

Cathy's jobs

After graduating from the college, Cathy got a job at the Senate. As she admits herself, this was actually a great job and anyone could only dream of such one. But Cathy still struggled for the other dream, which never let her go since college years - to become a professional poker player.

So one day Cathy leaves a perfect Senate job, takes all what she owned on that moment and leaves for Las Vegas hoping to make a career of her dream there. This happened in the year of 1976. After settling in Las Vegas Cathy gets a job of a dealer in one of the numerous casinos. Of course, it is far from career of a poker player, which she planned for herself and with regard of which she came to the place, but she still doesn't leave her dream.

And while working as a dealer she puts an eye on a lad called Peter. The reason was very simple: she couldn't make out the why the abovementioned guy lost only small bets, but won big ones generally.

She asked him once, and Peter revealed the secrets of card counting in Blackjack to Cathy.

Gambling career

Peter had his own small team which cleaned out the casinos worldwide. The name of the team was "Czechs", and during a couple of years Cathy travelled with them throughout European casinos. A few times Cathy along with her team won huge amounts of money, but she never left her dream of poker.

Back to USA

When coming back to USA, Cathy got acquainted with Ken Uston - a legendary blackjack player with his own team of highly trained professionals. She joined Uston's team and probably on that time the nickname "Cat" appeared.

But after winning enormous sums Cathy was banned nearly from all the casinos throughout all the states, her face was easily recognizable, and during some time she even entered the casinos pretending a man - with a false beard and whiskers.

Long-expected poker

Having enough money to live on, Cathy started her poker career at last and now she is supposed to be one of the best poker payers in the world. She has her own site which encourages women to play against men and in general, explaining those poker techniques, card counting and all accompanying stuff are not as difficult as it seems to be. For more info top blackjack female players see the corresponding section.

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