New Members of Hall of Fame - New Legends

The blackjack Hall of Fame consists of 21 members, seven of which were elected by top blackjack players in 2003 during Blackjack Ball night. They are the first, original members of Hall of Fame, and you may read about all of them at Original members section.

In this section we are going to deal with the remaining members, people who are not only the best blackjack players ever known, but those, who made a substantial contribution into development of blackjack game in general, those who made unique researches in the field of blackjack strategies and card counting, those who wrote books and articles and paid public attention to the game of blackjack.

The tradition is that nominees are elected during Blackjack Ball - an annual event for professional blackjack players. So who are the remaining 14 people?

Blackjack Ball 2004

  • Keith Taft. A brilliant blackjack wizard, who invented a few magic devices to play against casinos. The most known Taft's device is a 15-pound computer named George. Its purpose was to calculate the odds in blackjack and to tip the player necessary info. Also device had a camera which was mounted in the belt's buckle to make snapshots of the dealer's hole card. Keith Taft is known worldwide for his inventions used for playing at casinos.
  • Max Rubin. Most known for being a master and a host of annual Blackjack Ball, and at the same time tremendously popular blackjack analyst, TV commentator and an author of a great number of magazine articles on blackjack topics. Max Rubin is also popular for his book "Comp City: A Guide to Free Casino Vacations" - valuable advice on how to use multiple casino cervices for free. For more info read Max Rubin section.

Blackjack Ball 2005

  • Julian Braun. An IBM programmer, who literally made thousands of blackjack computer simulators, and while making them he discovered for himself the principles of winning in blackjack. Known for his book called "How to Play Winning Blackjack".
  • Lawrence Revere. An explorer of blackjack world. An author of "Playing Blackjack as a Business", which contains several new upgraded Thorp-based strategies. The book was written by Lawrence himself and Julian Brown as a co-author.

After 2005 a new rule was introduced: only one member of blackjack Hall of Fame can be elected during Blackjack Ball.

Blackjack Ball 2006

  • James Grosjean. A diversified author, player and players’ rights protector. Known for his victory in Blackjack Cup 2007, his sensational book "Beyond Counting" and his multiple legal victories for benefit of blackjack players.

Blackjack Ball 2007

  • Johnny Chang. A legendary blackjack player and manager of MIT blackjack team. For more info about him look Johnny Chang section.

Blackjack Ball 2008

  • Roger Baldwin, William Cantey, Herbert Maisel and James McDermott were elected as a team called the Four Horsemen. Known for their genuine common project in mathematical research referred to card counting.
  • Blackjack Ball 2009

    • Richard Munchkin. This Hall of Fame member is popular for interviewing the most famous blackjack figures, and by this keeping the attention of society on blackjack world sharply.

    Well here are all of them. For more information about Hall of Fame look original memberssection.

Original members of Blackjack Hall of fame

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