Johnny Chang - A Manager and a Legend

During his blackjack career Johnny Chang became one of the most popular figures in modern blackjack world. However, he started as a simple undergraduate student who studied at MIT blackjack team.

Joining the team

Johnny's first love, as he still says, is mathematics. He went to study Electrical Engineering, because this one was the most respected and major department at the institute. Not that he heard the first time about card counting winning strategies; but being a student he had not enough bankroll in sight to start a career of a player.

There he saw a notice which asked if he wanted to earn 300 $ during spring break. He was quite curious about it and decided to go to the training which promised such money, which he considered to be absolutely acceptable and not excess.

When he came to the training he discovered that the object was blackjack, and with its means the guys were going to earn some money. As you have already guessed, it was J.P.Massar and Bill Kaplan, who were recruiting players for one of their first trips to casinos.

Gaming in casinos

The first Johnny’s attenpts were not that good as you can suppose. But the managing genius of Kaplan made a simple decision: he just moved Johnny on a less responsible position, at the same time giving him a chance of training better and getting more experience.

Chang made a lot of logical and counting mistakes but being quite a stubborn person and besides being well-motivated he managed to master the card-counting techniques which were used in MIT blackjack team, so that Kaplan in a period of time was absolutely calm when he let the newcomer to lead the game. After some practice Chang became one of the best players of the team, and with his help the most outstanding victories were available.

Managing MIT

After the MIT team broke up in 1992 Chang along with Massar and Kaplan made their own blackjack team which was called Strategical Investments, had a solid bankroll and were quickly training new players to manage in nearby casinos, which they invested themselves.

The team turned out to be extremely profitable initiative both for players and investors, and after ceasing of Strategical Investments all its members went away with solid long-time supply of money.

Up-to-date life

In 2005 Johnny Chang shocked the visitors of Blackjack Ball by counting 2 decks in thirty-three (!) seconds. No one ever had done such a trick except him, and on Blackjack Ball 2007 he was elected to be a member of Blackjack Hall of Fame and became a living legend.

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