Arnold Snyder - Author, Gambler, Legend

A well-known author and blackjack player, Arnold Snyder is an authority in the gambling world and is one of the legendary original members of Blackjack Hall of Fame. And it's no surprise - you may count on one hand's fingers such huge contributors in all fields of blackjack as Snyder is. For more than 30 years Arnold Snyder has been playing blackjack and has been making an independent research author of a huge amount of strategies, blackjack history and legal rights of card counters.


Snyder is an acknowledged expert in blackjack and poker. His most known blackjack books include the following:

  • "The Blackjack Formula", 1980. In this book such important question is raised as deck penetration. Author explains and researches how this method influences the rate of winnings when player uses it.
  • "Black belt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art", 1983. This book leads a novice into blackjack world step-by-step, gradually getting him acknowledged to the rules, terms, aim, process and basic strategies used in card counting, and reveals the background of blackjack in casinos.
  • "Earning Your Green Belt", the second part of the abovementioned book, which leads the reader to knowing two important card counting systems - Hi/Lo Lite and Zen count. Also the book touches such moments as betting strategies, true count and explains to an experienced card counter ways of conspiracy in casino.
  • "Earning your black belt" - covers most complicate aspects of team play and shuffle tracking, and is purposed for most advanced players.
  • "The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker's Cookbook: How Players Win (And Why They Lose) With Shuffle Tracking", 2003. The book is to be read by highly experienced players because of its difficulty. It explains advanced methods of shuffle tracking - a highly profitable, but very difficult in usage strategy.
  • "The Big Book of Blackjack", 2006. A perfect book which describes blackjack history from the 18th century to the present day, also containing main strategies, tips and team play in blackjack.

Blackjack Forum

Arnold Snyder is also known for his editing Blackjack Forum, a journal for professional gamblers which now is available only online. It contains interviews with famous players, articles of mathematicians, gamblers, arguing and exchanging experience between players. Also it contains links to the best-known blackjack online casinos. It's one of the most read and visited forums about blackjack.

Blackjack and Law

One more activity for which Arnold Snyder is known - struggling for card counters’ rights in casinos, stating that card counting is absolutely legal skill and in no way can be treated as cheating.

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