Kevin Blackwood - A Super Blackjack Player

One of the most successful and proficient blackjack players throughout history is Kevin Blackwood. Though he is not one of theoriginal members of Blackjack Hall of Fame, he is a self-sufficient man, a professional player, an author of two famous books on blackjack game and a highly qualified trainer of blackjack for those who want to take advantage of this game.

Kevin Blackwood was born and spent his childhood in Maine. Being incredibly talented in mathematics, he changed several colleges to earn his Master's degree in. Nearly that time he read an article about Ken Uston, a blackjack genius, who emptied the casinos as easily as one can empty a glass of beer. Fascinated by the scientific and psychological approach of this super-professional, he continued to read Uston's books and study card counting strategies.

The Destiny

His first attempt in blackjack took place at Caesar's Palace, where he tried to play blackjack with one deck of cards and not betting much - not more than 10 dollars. The results were impressive.

Being a practical and smart man, Kevin left his diploma aside and proceeded to develop his card counting skills further, mastering the object more and more and wagering bigger and bigger bets.

The professional

He treated card counting and playing blackjack in general as a profitable job. When he tells about his daily schedule, the first thing that he mentions is running. He trained hard to keep his body in perfect shape, because, as he admitted, staying on his feet during almost 14 hours was not quite an easy activity.

After the morning jogging Kevin went to the casinos and there he spent from 8 to 14 hours depending on the situation. His maximum bet in blackjack game was $1.000.

Kevin says that a good card counter usually earns from a quarter to one-third of his maximum wager per hour. This means if transferred into his maximum wager that he earned about $300 per hour while playing in casinos.

Also during his raids on casinos, Kevin used the special method called "wonging" (for more info see the story of Stanford Wong). This means counting the cards without betting and participating, and when the count becomes favorable to a counter, he jumps into the game, betting high).

Kevin the Author

There are two popular books written by Kevin Blackwood:

"The Counter" – a piece of fiction literature, which, nevertheless, includes elements of autobiography

"Play Blackjack Like the Pros" - deep focusing on card counting and basic strategies

Kevin's up-to-date life

Now Kevin lives in Oregon. He has two children, and he's still fond of card games including blackjack and poker, and is also fond of scrabble and backgammon.

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