The beauty of blackjack: Erica Schoenberg

Beautiful and very attractive women have been the best option for the cheating groups of the roulette game: such girls were in charge of the dealer's distraction. They were silly in lots of cases and even didn't get the main idea of the game. But also there are some women who are imparted by the most good-looking traits plus they are even smarter than you think, using lots of tricks, making up their own strategies and hitting the house like no others! One of such female blackjack players is Erica Schoenberg.

Blonde in casino

Imagine a former model who also was a fitness trainer and expert in volleyball walking through a casino and grabbing the highest-priced chips. Isn't it nice? And don't even dream to play against Erica in the blackjack or poker tournament because she is one of the top blackjack women that can outsmart everybody!

The beautiful roots

Erica Schoenberg was born on March 25 in 1978. Her fatherland is Akron, Ohio. Where did she get this smartness along with beauty? Whether was it nature or nurture? Her family never denied all the caprices of little and grown-up Erica, supporting her in everything. They even weren't shocked of the cards choice. When she won the championship of math in 1991, it was the evident impetus to her interest in playing cards in casinos.

MIT influence

All the phases of child competitions just were preparing Erica Schoenberg to the fateful day of meeting with the best experts. When she couldn't find herself in lots professional areas, she applied to the MIT Blackjack Team. This team is known throughout the world and it was her right choice. Erica Schoenberg became famous after taking part in "The World Series of Blackjack and World Series of Poker".

"Blackjack Babe"

Up to date, Erica Schoenberg has already won $600,000 from 2006 in different tournaments and received a sponsorship from Full Tilt Poker. She is known worldwide as "Blackjack Babe". Now you can find this 32 years old woman in Las Vegas of course. She's not married and has lots of the extreme and extravagant hobbies: she's teaching kickboxing and you can hire her as your personal blackjack trainer!

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