Brian Zembic- A Man Who Can Bet On Anything

Born in Canada in 1961 at the town of Winnipeg in the province Manitoba, Brian grew up as a boy who was talented in different kinds of adventures. He liked to bet with his friends on different issues and after betting no one could stop him from doing anything, even absolute absurd, to win the bet just been made. And this very fact probably made him one of professional blackjack players.

A gambler

When Brian Zembic grew up, it appeared that he got involved in gambling. Mainly it was blackjack and backgammon which still remain to be his favorite games.

But soon it discovered that Brian was also quite an outrageous bettor, and in this field he is even more insane than in his gambling, where he is also known as a hot-tempered person.

The man with $100.000 breasts

This name Brian Zembic got after taking the bet of his fellow, whose name is now remembered as Jobo. NOTE: we don't pretend to judge anybody and don't tell if someone's good or bad, because it's up to everyone's conscious and principles, we just want to discover the info which made Brian to accept such an unusual bet. All in all, it's up to him again.

Talking with Jobo one evening during backgammon game, he heard him saying that he wondered why women put so much money and pain in breast implants and that they are not worth the whole affair. Brian objected that breast implants are quite good and there's nothing wrong about it. The argue grew stronger and in the end of ends Jobo promised Brian to give him $100.000 if he would put himself breast implants and keep them during 1 year.

The bet

Together with Jobo, Brian continued to make jokes about the bet, especially when they saw a woman with big breasts.

But in the 1996, fall, Jobo advised Brian to put his money into a definite stock. Brian listened to the advice and put into it about 125.000 $ of his money, while Jobo took all his cash out of the abovementioned stock.

In about a week stock rapidly lost its value and Brian Zembic lost during that week about $30.000 of his cash.

It's quite clear that he was very angry at Jobo. The desire to get his money back grew bigger and bigger, and Brian remembered about the "breast bet" and told Jobo he would accept it. In his turn, Jobo rejected the whole business motivating it by that the decision took too much time to be taken and the bet was off.

The "Titty Tribunal"

A few professional gamblers made the tribunal, which during 5 minutes due to Brian's request argued if the bet was still alive or not, and decided that it was alive.

Brian put into his breast the implants and continued to live with them during more than a year, and in this way he became increasingly popular and took his money back.

Now he's rather well-known figure and can often be seen on blackjack and poker events, and even in the company of Blackjack hall of Fame members.

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