Bill Kaplan - MIT Manager Forever

This time we are going to speak about Bill Kaplan - a man who is considered to be an official leader and the main manager of MIT team - and probably the best manager of blackjack teams ever known.

The youth

From his young years Bill was not that fascinatedly fond of blackjack and card games in general. Being a practical and pragmatic man with a sharp wit, he graduated in 1977 from Harvard University as an outstanding scholar athlete.

But during his time spent in Harvard, Bill read a few books explaining the nature of blackjack game and the main strategies used in it. Among those books happened Ken Uston's book about team blackjack game. Being interested in such an unusual way of earning money, Bill began to develop his own winning strategy based on team-play.

Manager experience

Despite of Bill's plans of going to Harvard Business School, he decided to delay them for a year. The reason of delay was moving to Vegas and creating his own blackjack team which played using methods and strategies developed by Kaplan during his studies at Harvard.

The success was more incredible than even expected. A lot of players had doubts about using Bill's strategy because they considered it to be very difficult. But despite those facts after 9 months of playing the bankroll which initially belonged to Bill mostly grew in 35(!) times.

After a few years, the team was ready for international gaming. But Bill's sharp intuition prompted him that it would be practically unreal to manage the team in another country, where different laws and conditions of gambling were provided. He decided to make a break.

MIT managing

After his meeting with J.P.Massar Bill decided to observe the game of MIT and find out the wrong aspects of their game. Soon he went with Massar's team to Atlantic City and there, despite the mistakes which were made by team members, he saw that those were the people whom he needed - keen, young and ambitious.

Together with Massar he managed to work out a new set of rules, new team policy and in a short time he made out of MIT team highly trained blackjack monsters that terrorized with their perfect play many and many casinos. All that time Kaplan was an invariable leader of MIT blackjack team and remained it until team broke up at the beginning of 1990s.

Not the end

Starting from 1992 year Kaplan, Massar and Johnny Chang created a new team called Strategic Investments, and during a few years the team brought to each man who was its member it a very good profit. Soon it broke up because the majority of the players went their own ways. Now Kaplan is still interviewed and takes part in a lot of blackjack events.

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