Famous MIT Team Members to Know

In this section we are going to deal thoroughly with most striking personalities in MIT blackjack team. As it was already mentioned in MIT Blackjack Team section, the team itself started in 1979 year as a couple of students headed by

  • J.P.Massar

    The first leader and inspirer of the team, a professor of MIT who lead a mini-course called "How to gamble if you have to". The man who put together whole group of MIT students and made a team out of an idea. In fact is a key team character during all period of its existence. In different times was either a player, a counter, a manager or an investor. Read more about J.P.Massar in the corresponding section.

  • Bill Kaplan

    A man who had his own blackjack team and had an experience of managing it. He met Massar and was asked to find out the mistakes which were made by Massar (MIT) team members during the game in casinos; after observing MIT in action Kaplan proposed Massar to create a new team which would be much more efficient and strict and which would bring stable money. Was a leading player and manager of MIT team during almost 15 years, and after self-retirement in 1984 proceeded to invest money into the team. For more info see Bill Kaplan section.

  • John Chang

    This genuine player joined the team in 1981-1982. Being a player of MIT, he learned a lot because he wasn't brilliant in blackjack and made a lot of mistakes while the game. But Johnny learned and practiced a lot and in the end became one of the most casino-feared players in the world. He also used to be a manager of MIT from the middle of 1980 through 1990 years, and through 1990s he ran his own team based on MIT. For more info see Johnny Chang section.

  • Sarah McCord

    She joined the MIT team in 1983 and went through its history up till the end and creation of the new team formed by Massar, Chang and Kaplan. For outstanding performance and counting genius she was entrusted to train all new team players of West Coast.

  • Semyon Dukach

    A famous MIT member who led the team of Amphibians which appeared after splitting the team made in 1990s by Massar, Chang and Kaplan. For more info about Semyon Dukach see the corresponding section.

  • Mike Aponte

    A card-counting genius who led the team opposite to Amphibians - the Reptiles. Known to be one of the best blackjack players ever seen. For more info about Mike Aponte see the corresponding section.

  • Dave Irvine

    An original MIT member and a perfect blackjack player, who made a solid contribution into MIT development. For more info see Dave Irvine section.

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