MIT Blackjack Team - Best Blackjack Team Ever

A man can hardly find a blackjack-related person who had never heard about MIT blackjack team. Since 1979 and till the beginning of 21st century MIT became a legendary crew which earned millions of dollars from casinos M88 Mansion and could not be caught because of their high professionalism and skills.

So who are they?

The Beginning

The MIT team itself began with a blackjack course in Massachusetts Institute of Technologies which was taught during Independent Activities Period in January 1979. A few MIT students which were fond of poker attended the abovementioned course and learned the ways of counting cards and basic strategies used in blackjack.

In spring, 1979 the students decided to try their newly acquired skills and go to Atlantic City, where they were going to play at casinos and earn some money. But soon the group broke up and after graduation all its members, except two, went their own ways.

But two gamblers remained - J.P.Massar and Jonathan. They continued their trainings and research in blackjack and soon they were contacted by a gamble named Roger, who saw their blackjack acting and suggested them to form up a new team due to the recent law against casinos, which forbid them to ban card counters. After adding one more man to their crew the group was ready for action.

They played with variable success during the following year, recruiting new members from most talented MIT students. But by May 1980 main players left the team because of different circumstances.

New Breath

There are multiple versions about how J.P. Massar met Bill Kaplan, a professional gambler and card counter. The fact is that they did meet and Kaplan told about his own success of managing a blackjack team. After hearing about that Massar proposed Kaplan to go to casino with MIT blackjack team and look what they were doing wrong, because their success was unstable.

Kaplan agreed, and Massar's group went to Atlantic City. The result turned out to be a complete failure. Each of group members used absolutely different card counting techniques, and all of them were equally difficult and complicated. Kaplan shared his thoughts with Massar and left, to come back soon.

Kaplan decided to form up a new team, but it would be more "pure business" as he stated. It would be a strict team with a stable set of rules to use, mighty trainings and everyone playing his well-known role.

First Success

The first serious success came to MIT with their big bank numbering 89.000 $. After a 2-week play the amount of money almost doubled, and it was a huge success for investors who gave money for all the event.

MIT Blackjack Sharks

During 1980-90 years MIT travelled through the country earning huge amounts of money. The team grew and counted more than 30 members already. In 1984 year Kaplan decided to stop managing a team because by that time a man couldn't find a casino where his face would not be recognized. So he left team managing to J.P. Massar, Johnny Chang and Max Rubin. In the following few years the team went on with its winnings but finally stopped playing because of loss of interest in the game and other circumstances.

End of Story

Through the 1990-ies Kaplan, Massar and Chang decided to put capital into new casinos located in Connecticut, because they were going to train new players there. During 2 years the team grew back to the amount of almost 80 players located in different states. They were playing simultaneously throughout United States but by the end of the decade majority of them took their money and went their own ways. Still some of them like Max Rubin, Johnny Chang and a few others dedicated their life to blackjack game and are really successful blackjack players.

Original members of Blackjack Hall of fame

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