Top blackjack strategies

Simply understanding the rules of card games often isn’t enough when playing for real, and blackjack is definitely a game where you need to develop a strategy if you’re to win big money.

The majority of expert players that regularly log on to the online Blackjack tables know what style suits them and whether you’re a master at the game or a first-timer developing technique is always helpful. If you are a first-timer, make sure you select the best online casino promotions to benefit your game.

The top strategy many first-time card players use is keep at low risk and let the dealer go burst rather than chase a risky final twist yourself. You have the benefit of being able to stick lower than the dealer and going first you have command over your own hand.

With this in mind, many conservative blackjack strategists will twist on anything lower than 12, while risking it only when their hand is between 12-16 and the dealer has one greater than six.

Of course, anything above 17 and you should be sticking.

The idea of sticking early is that although you have a weak hand at least you do have one and the dealer is likely to require a third card to beat you. In that case, the house may go bust during the chase and you will win the hand, doubling your money.

Remember this is a conservative approach to blackjack that relies as much on the dealer going bust as you making the commitment to stick. The dealer is subject to the same amount of luck as you and could hit that golden card to produce a winning hand as much as you.

Yet it is still a positive strategy for first-time players and gives you a taste of online Blackjack game before you delve into the big-money games where the pay-out is far greater.

If you’re to win these you need a different strategy that relies on adopting chance strategy that only the very best in the game know how to profit from.

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