Mike Aponte - One of The Best World Gamblers

Mike Aponte was born in a family of U.S. Army officer. Due to his father's job the boy was quite accommodated to moving from state to state, and by the time he graduated from Ewing High School, he has changed 11 schools already.

First Blackjack encounter

After graduating high school, Mike went to Boston with an intention to become a member of MIT. There he first got acquainted to blackjack - and he as completely astonished by the game. As he later told in his interview, he never liked card games. And when he first saw blackjack strategy charts and main tips of the game which were based on pure mathematical laws and formulas, he felt the eager and sincere interest of gamblers around and saw an opportunity of making money on this game - he understood that it was that he lacked that moment.

The trainings

Mike confessed that card counting strategies were difficult for him. Not that he was not smart or had lack of interest - just it was a kind of activity he had never experienced before. But the matter was that he was motivated in a right way and continued to train vigorously and restlessly, until the results appeared.


The trainings were hard and exhausting, but the results of those trainings were more than impressive. In a short time Mike Aponte became one of the best players of the MIT team. As the roles in the team were distributed in the right way, they had card counters, big players etc. (for those who don't know the meanings of abovementioned terms, it's advisable to read Ken Uston section).

As a matter of fact Mike was one of the most favored and successful big players along with Johnny Chang and Bill Kaplan He had an incredible memory and that's why he was often accessed upon that role.

Master Mike

Through the beginning of the new millennium Mike became a manager of his own team, which was administrated by himself. The team took millions of dollars from the casinos in different countries. Every team member ever had been to Mike Aponte's team provided himself with a life-long supply of money. They travelled constantly, improving their skills and were a real nightmare for any casino they entered.

All in all, Mike Aponte didn't retire from blackjack. He became a successful businessman and a co-founder of the company Blackjack Institute.

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